Bernard: Special needs allowances to be restored

Regan Branton of Dartmouth has some pretty simple wishes for Christmas.

Like being able to drink a glass of milk every day.

Or being able fill her shopping cart when she goes to the market.

Or being able to eat fresh vegetables instead of so much pasta.

Or send Christmas cards.

Those are just some of the thing the 47-year-old says vex her on a monthly basis as she tried to get by on $400 in social assistance outside of her housing payments.

Last week, Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard committed to restoring special needs allowances which were reduced in 2011. Read the full article by Ian Fairclough at the Chronicle Herald.

Regan is a tenant and board member of the MNPHA.

Making Room

On Sunday December 8, Metro Non-Profit Housing Association Board member Dr. Ross Langley and Executive Director Carol Charlebois will take part in the St. Andrew’s United Church “Making Room” Advent Theme at 10:30 pm. They will light two candles and say a few words about MNPHA and its work and the efforts of many churches to gather donations for MNPHA tenants and participants.

Shining Lights Brighten Lives

Shining Lights Choir 2011

For many people in Shining Lights, a choir for low-income and homeless people that meets at the Metro Non-Profit Housing Association’s Housing Support Centre on Gottingen Street, weekly practices [...] give them a voice, both figuratively and literally.

–Mark Rendell, Halifax Media Co-op

The Shining Lights Choir was recently profiled by Mark Rendell of the Halifax Media Co-op. Read the rest of his article here.

For more information see our page on the choir or contact us.