The mission of MNPHA, established in 1988, is to assist single adults who have been homeless or at risk to create and maintain their homes.


Our purpose is to assist low-income adults to make their homes through:

• The provision of safe, affordable, stable, long term housing in a supportive environment.

• The management of quality housing with a participatory style.

• Engaging in individual support, advocacy, referral and access to community resources for single adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

• Participating in the community to advocate for safe, affordable housing and for other related poverty issues, and participating in research related to these activities. MNPHA staff is members of community and advocacy groups.



  • Imagine if you lost your job and you couldn’t continue to rent your apartment and you also had    no family supports to fall back on. ……Perhaps you might end up in a shelter…….

  • This has happened to some of the people who live at the housing provided by Metro Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA).

  • What would you do if you found yourself in this situation?

  • It is very stressful and very difficult to get a job without an address and without a telephone number.

  • This is just one scenario that could happen to anyone who did not have family or another type of support to help them through such a difficult time.

  • In addition to a lack of financial and emotional supports, there are also some forms of mental illness among those whom MNPHA serves.

  • This is a barrier to the stability that having a home and a social network provides.

  • Without support and a leg up to help individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness it is almost impossible to have a home and the stability that comes from safe, affordable and supported housing…



  • supportive housing in a participatory style for 83 people in Halifax and Dartmouth, NS

  • a Housing Support Centre (HSC) in downtown Halifax where about 100 people come each weekday morning

    • Here staff members support those who need housing or other services which they are not able to acquire without assistance.

    • HSC provides…

      • peer support and social supports for those who may be otherwise isolated.

      • programming in the form of a support group, a cooking class, and the Shining Lights Choir which has over 30 participants

    • Halifax Housing Help (HHH) (in partnership with Direction 180) which is an innovative effort at housing placement and supportive housing and eviction prevention particularly for those service users who have multiple needs.

Bernard: Special needs allowances to be restored

Regan Branton of Dartmouth has some pretty simple wishes for Christmas.

Like being able to drink a glass of milk every day.

Or being able fill her shopping cart when she goes to the market.

Or being able to eat fresh vegetables instead of so much pasta.

Or send Christmas cards.

Those are just some of the thing the 47-year-old says vex her on a monthly basis as she tried to get by on $400 in social assistance outside of her housing payments.

Last week, Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard committed to restoring special needs allowances which were reduced in 2011. Read the full article by Ian Fairclough at the Chronicle Herald.

Regan is a tenant and board member of the MNPHA.

Making Room

On Sunday December 8, Metro Non-Profit Housing Association Board member Dr. Ross Langley and Executive Director Carol Charlebois will take part in the St. Andrew’s United Church “Making Room” Advent Theme at 10:30 pm. They will light two candles and say a few words about MNPHA and its work and the efforts of many churches to gather donations for MNPHA tenants and participants.